Khalid’s abstract style, bold and fearless brush work allow him to communicate emotions and mode felt at the moment of painting. His paintings are gestural, impactful and full of movements. Each of his pieces is full of warmth, life and color, which reflects the man behind the brush perfectly.
His lively brush strokes, whether straight or more playfully curving and dancing, always convey a sense of emotions and delight in his art. He obviously loves to paint. The viewer sees this and it is rather contagious, joyful and energizing. 
To him creativity is a derivative of mode and ambience during painting sessions. He believes that, the character of a painting reflects the mode of the artist through brush strokes, texture and color.



I admit, I’m so addicted to painting. I spend so much time painting and thinking about painting instead of doing more “useful” things.


I believe, a painting has a life of its own that evolves during painting session. For me, a painting starts to take direction when I cover the canvas with paint. Then I start to solve many problems the painting may have, until I end up with something that tells a story, makes sense  or delivers a statement.